ExploLab inc. offers several distinct services.  It uses completely appropriate processes and demonstrates a high degree of professionalism.  ExploLab inc.’s facilities and numerous pieces of specialized equipment enable it to tailor its service offering to meet its customers’ needs and expectations.

  • Prospecting and mapping.
  • Geochemical sampling:  B Horizon, MMI, till and fluvioglacial drift.
  • Boring, bore following, team management, database management compliant with the implementation of strict QA/QC procedures, and printing plans and section drawings using GeoticGraph and CAD software.
  • Concentration and examination of heavy mineral concentrate from till:
  • automated wet screening using a unique process developed by the company;
  • fine-sand concentration using a Wilfley table and medium- to coarse-sand concentration using a Pleitz jig;
  • dry screening and super-concentration using a spiral concentrator;
  • final binocular examination and gold-grain counts; and
  • safe use of dense media to concentrate diamond indicator minerals.
  • Handheld Niton XRF analysis to quickly and cost-effectively analyze rock samples and heavy mineral concentrates.

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