ExploLab inc. has contributed, and continues to contribute, to the development of several mining projects in Quebec, Ontario, Nunavut and British Columbia. This Canada-wide experience has made ExploLab inc.’s team efficient and enables it to adapt to all phases of mining exploration. Each staff member is given training on how to successfully complete early exploration activities right up to production in various active mines. ExploLab inc.’s team is actively involved in all stages of mine development, a lengthy process.

With regard to heavy mineral processing, ExploLab inc. has developed unique expertise in the classification, concentration and separation of heavy minerals for both gold and diamonds.  Equipment has been adapted in order to offer customers reasonably priced quality products and services.  ExploLab inc. also offers complete examinations and grain counts under a binocular microscope.

In addition, the company is actively involved in its clients’ fund-raising activities around the world.

ExploLab inc. has completed a host of varied projects for its customers.  Large, intermediate and junior production companies use our laboratory services.

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