ExploLab inc. was founded in 2002 by Robert Gagnon, a Geological Technician and Geologist.  It offers consulting services in geology and heavy mineral concentration.

ExploLab inc. started operations in 2002 by offering exploration and geological consulting services for various granite production companies.  It also processed and enhanced decorative stone obtained from quarry spalls that it sold to several retailers in Quebec and Ontario. The company has since continued to grow and now offers a full range of geological services, as well as laboratory services tailored to the realities and challenges of mineral exploration. ExploLab inc. has acquired several pieces of heavy mineral separation and concentration equipment for both gold and diamonds.  It also has a Wilfley table, an automatic screening machine, a dense media separator and a Pleitz jig, among other things.

ExploLab inc.’s mission is to provide mining exploration companies with comprehensive consulting services, ranging from drift sampling to final processing with the binocular examination of heavy minerals.  ExploLab inc.’s entire team prides itself on offering quality services.  It values customer relations and is fully committed to its customers.  ExploLab inc.’s seasoned, experienced and competent individuals bring enormous passion to the array of tasks they perform.

ExploLab inc. has grown steadily over the past ten years, focusing on meeting its customers’ expectations, incorporating innovation into its service offering and implementing effective work processes.

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